The Benefits of Splitting Up Your Long Run

By 2020年2月13日 Jenny Hadfield Blog

Can I run my long run in two segments?


There are many ways to train for long-distance running, but the key is to develop a plan that flows with your lifestyle. For you, that means planning around a busy family and work schedule. For others, it may mean planning around travel, school, work and more. The great news is there is plenty of flexibility in marathon training and it can be quite fun to tailor a custom plan to you, yourself and your family.

The idea of breaking up a longer run into two segments over one or two days isn’t a new one.Ultrarunners (those that run races longer than a marathon), commonly use this strategy with back-to-back long runs to simulate running on tired legs and accumulate long run mileage over a longer period of time to allow for less stress to the body.

Breaking your long run into two shorter runs done on the same day can be instrumental for you in allowing you to get in your training mileage, but it can also aid in running with better form throughout the distance. We all have a breaking point at which our running form and fitness begins to decline. For instance, if you’re fit to run 6-8 miles right now, and went out to run 16 miles, your form would likely begin to wane due to fatigue around 9-10 miles.




First things first, your mid-week miles, or anything that isn’t related to your long runs can be optimized to two runs.既然你是一位经验丰富的马拉松选手,可以在质量运行像间隔,节奏,山头插上每周两天,获得质量,而不是在一个忙碌的一周集中在3-4运行。在推动力度稍用力使大部分的这些日子。

如果你有在一周锻炼更多的时间增加交叉训练(骑自行车,游泳,椭圆形,在体育课)和力量训练(瑜伽,普拉提,DVD或类,重量,车身)。如果你没有时间锻炼更多,在一周内将您的两个核心运行后短短15分钟的强度和柔韧性程序。This will go a long way in keeping you healthy and balanced as you train.

Now, for your long runs, I’d suggest planning a buffet of options within your season as it will optimize your time, your preparation and give you the flexibility you’ll need to coordinate with your calendar.

Think of it as a rotational progression in long run mileage, where you run one longer run all at once, one broken into two segments in one day, and one cutback long run at a varied pace.声音的乐趣?我也这么认为,因为每个星期是一个新的冒险,更重要的是,培养身体多的战略方式。


[Please note:这个特殊的里程进展是面向一位经验丰富的马拉松选手谁已覆盖的距离,谁是当前正在运行的6-8英里的长远之计。It can also be modified for newbies, less mileage and advanced runners as well.]

Week 1:9英里

Week 2:10 miles (6 miles am – 4 miles pm)

Week 3:Cutback Race Simulation – 6 miles (3m easy effort, 2m moderate effort, 1m hard)


第五周:12英里(7英里是 - 5英里时)

6周:减少种族Sim卡。- 7英里(4M,轻松省力,2M温和的努力,1M硬)


Week 8:14英里(8英里AM - 4英里时)

Week 9:减少种族Sim卡。- 7英里(3 m简单工作,3 mderate effort, 1m hard)

第10周:15 miles

Week 11:16英里(10英里AM - 6英里时)

Week 12:减少种族Sim卡。- 8英里(4M,轻松省力,3M温和的努力,1M硬)

Week 13:17 miles

Week 14:18 miles(11英里是 - 7英里时)

15周:减少种族Sim卡。- 8英里(4M,轻松省力,3M温和的努力,1M硬)


第17周:20英里(12 miles am – 8 miles pm)

第18周:10 miles

Week 19:削减种族Sim.-7英里(3M轻松省力,3M温和的努力,1M硬)


I’m currently coaching a busy, married father of two who travels weekly and is training for one of the toughest ultra races in the world – the Comrades Marathon in Africa. I have him on two weekly quality runs (hills, tempo or intervals), strength training and an alternating long run progression that is challenging enough to prepare his body to race the distance competitively, yet flexible enough to fit his life schedule and not miss a beat with his wife and kids.


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